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I am currently backpacking in Norway’s Lofoten Islands and it will make for an interesting trip report. The beauty of the hikes are amazing, however, adapting to their trails as an American backpacker has been a real learning process. The first 2 segments I did, about 8 miles each were the toughest days I have ever experienced. They are not designed for through hiking nor do they utilize switchbacks. When they say difficult they mean most of the trail not just some pieces of it. However, I am shifting my strategy to adapt to through hiking and camp at a beautiful campsite. In case you want to follow my location here is the Garmin Mapshare

I am finishing the Lofoten portion of my adventure on my way to a week on the mainland. The Lofotens were more amazing then I could have ever imagined. I feel very blessed to have been able to experience their majesty.

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