Second Quarter

I first alluded to my philosophy of life in my blog post “Strong Finish”. Life analogy to a basketball game based on four 20 year quarters with hope for overtime. First Quarter: Grow up, Second Quarter: Find your passion, Third Quarter: Pay your dues, Fourth Quarter: Return to your passion. My book: “A New Path, Finding My Passion in America’s Wilderness” provides a glimpse of how I entered my Fourth Quarter. But what about the search that took place throughout my Second Quarter? Sure I did some backpacking in Colorado, however, my passion was really about pursuing life’s adventure which now tends to manifest itself in backpacking treks. But how did that adventuresome spirit evolve?

I did grow up in my First Quarter, primarily in Lafayette, IN, with all the opportunities and inspirations of a typical midwestern city during a healthy period for our country. I grew up with the Vietnam conflict shaping our nation, so possibly not having my draft number called motivated my appreciation of life. When I look back on my Second Quarter during the 70s, 80s and into the 90s. I am amazed at the adventure that was compiled.

I married Connie who was a willing participant in the adventure. We started a family with an adopted son and then 2 homemade girls, moved about 20 times and had many jobs. It was not normal by any means and it was dotted with many landmark events.

Why write about my life? Yes, some people might find my search for adventure somewhat interesting, but mostly I would write about it for my own interests. A documentation of my life for my children and theirs. A guarantee that I will be able to remember it all. And probably the real reason is to give me something to do. So at least initially I will start this documentation with some posts that I will share via this page.



Summer of 73, Indy 500 and Secretariat

On the verge of entering my Second Quarter, my summer of 1973 opened my eyes to the importance of adventure in my life.

Leaving Indiana 76

Ending my college time at Indiana University in 1976 highlighted by the Hoosier Basketball NCAA Championship and then I was off to Colorado as a Presbyterian Missionary and having the all to real experience of the Big Thompson Flood.


I still want more, so…

The Adventure Continues


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