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Google Wave Luxury Suite for Email

While reading the Google Wave Blog specifically some articles about XMPP a comment caused me to reflect on Google Wave as a preferred email environment because there may actually be a strategy for managing SPAM. Google Wave could be a lot of things depending on how you want to use it, but it definitely is a better email client. It is better because at a minimum it is email, but that is where it starts. The problem with email is that it is generally the de-facto front door of personal communication, and anyone can come to the front door. Now Google Wave could use email as the receptionist and then allow Waves to be used as incredibly flexible email collaborations without the SPAM annoyance. We have had other tools that fit this email as the receptionist model, but none that match so closely with our preferred email contact list. Take the SAP Gravity demo as an example. An email starts out as a question and ends up as a full business process collaborative analysis. I can definitely see a day when email from our important contacts typically kicks over into a Google Wave environment.