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FaceBook in Retirement Communities

Our university has a special relationship with a retirement community, Friendsview, next to campus. Plenty of mutual benefit activity with our nursing program, tech support and foster grandparent program. We helped them build a computer lab 3 years ago and it has been a glowing success primarily for their residents to use email. I just met with their tech committee and the main discussion was about moving forward. Their situation echoed my thoughts on how computing is changing. They have tried to offer computer classes to their residents, but thanks to our societal Microsoft central attitudes they ventured down the MS Office App course path. And guess what – no relevance anymore. So we had an enlightening conversation about carefully introducing their residents to FaceBook. Unfortunately there is great fear about venturing into that dangerous world of the Internet, however, I do think the time is right for them. Their community participates heavily in activities designed to improve memory or anything that helps to keep mental capacity sharp. You know, I would bet some farming responsibilities in FaceBook would be quite beneficial as an activity. But of course a simpler way to connect with their kids is the real draw, but reconnecting with old friends is why FaceBook is booming with our older population.

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