Keynote Address for BYOD Summit

Keynote Address for BYOD Summit

If you have been successful at the C-level of any industry you should already be a consultant by the nature of your position. My decision to leave full-time employment as a CIO in higher education did not have a road map that led to consulting, however, opportunity has presented itself. I find myself in a very flexible situation where I weigh my choices for consulting engagements based on partnerships for the greater good. I love the core purpose of higher education that is based on providing the student/customer with skills that will offer them a lifetime of success. I also cherish my contributions of leadership and technology advising in my many nonprofit relationships. Information Technology takes on many roles in this process, my greatest consulting asset is my ability to help organizations position IT as a strength that contributes to their economic success. What does this IT consulting support look like for institutions in higher education or nonprofit organizations?

Business / IT Alignment – Get honest advice about your organization’s technology needs.

Technology Assessment and Justification – An IT audit will uncover the good and the bad so that more informed justification decisions can be made.

ERP and BI Strategy and Selection – Choosing the right ERP is just the beginning, making sure that your organization is ready and capable of utilizing enterprise business software is how costs are kept under control and benefits are realized.

Personnel Management – IT staffing is at the heart of technology success of failure. Personnel problems can be solved, and help from outside the department may be the way to do it.

Interim CIO – Organizational transitions where an interim CIO lays the groundwork for longterm solutions may be the most effective way to initiate change.

I have enjoyed great success as a CIO for the last 20 years in higher education. I have employees from each institution who have gone on to be CIO’s and many who credit me with steering their career toward success and satisfaction. I have referenced myself as a builder and not necessarily a maintainer which refers to my restlessness for new challenges. I love to turn a problem into an asset which could be reengineering a business process or utilizing IT staff more effectively.

I have been referred to as “The most Innovative CIO in Higher Education” which I agree with, so if you feel that your organization needs change then we should talk about how technology might be a utilized. I also have an extensive background in STEM from my education through my CIO career. I believe many universities need to leverage STEM programs to insure their future viability. IT is a critical component for supporting STEM so that the academics are not compromised by the technical details. This IT expertise carries over into research support as well. I also believe strongly in building close relationships with companies which are courted to hire the students or invest in research. Higher Educations needs to adapt to their needs, after all they dictate the value of the education.

I have recently completed my term as the Interim CIO for Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. I am also a part owner of the software development company, Savageapps whose lead product is #Remix, and I am on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Swedemom Center of Learning, where I am focused on helping Habitat ReStores open up online selling opportunities. Most recently I have joined the Board of AR.Gallery the first online Augmented Reality Art Store.

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