OMG the OS is the Internet

OK – the iPad is amazing. I can totally  justify it as an information consuming device. But I’m in Higher Education so it needs to be somewhat of a creation device and flexible sharing device. Initially I was stuck in the my old file based operating system box. How do a print? How do I upload an assignment to Moodle? How do I save my work?

I woke up at 4:00 am – OMG – the operating system is the Internet. is one of the most well thought out web file sharing platforms I have ever used. I was trying to figure out how I was going to upload a file to our Web storage service based on Xythos. No – now I realize Xythos has to figure out how to let me upload from an URL rather then assuming it is coming from the old file system based OS. The URL is now truly the file. This is just an example for interacting with the current file based OS world. You really do have incredible sharing and interaction with the iPad Internet based operating system.

Here is a document produced on Pages by my recent college graduated daughter minutes after she touched the iPad for the first time. I intentionally let her first try it with the wireless keyboard.

Here is a presentation created by same daughter shortly there after, first time she had ever used Keynote and done entirely on iPad in a half hour.

Disclosure: I do not know why my daughter immediately gravitated to these two tests. She is not tech savvy and the rest of her iPad time she was on FaceBook not realizing that there are some Flash limitations via the browser. I do thank her for how she helped me understand this though.

Email is the communicator which is a natural, that initially bothered me since email tends to carry a bad taste due to years of misuse. But this tool is a good solution and I’m sure it will evolve. We will probably see options for easily integrating this into Google Apps, etc. But the playing field is clear and it is and it is the Internet. And yes the optimal environment is an iPhone for total mobility, an iPad for primary consuming device and the Mac for creation and master organization. And yes this is expensive and probably considered unnecessarily extravagant. And that is true. I guess I equate it to why some people shop at Saks when you can get almost the same products at KMart. And you know what, you can’t justify it, but consider who shops at Saks and who do you really want to be?

OK – Good Night and Happy Easter

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Backpacker, Grandfather, Volunteer, Advisor, Mentor and still Technologically Aware. Greg retired as a technologist who served as a Chief Information Officer in Higher Education at various universities. Prior to the IT career in Academia, Greg was a Systems Consultant with Hewlett-Packard. Other early jobs included IT activity in the oil shale and coal mining industries along with owning a computer store in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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  1. I agree with your comments particularly how the concepts of file management change.


  2. iPad meets Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi) if the iPad actually changed the world? I’m all for it trying.Click the button and the world is your oyster.Unfortunately it’s made in Flash so you won’t be able to view it on your iPad.


  3. …As long as we are willing to submit to the Apple view of the world. If we want control or options, we can't submit. Sure there are great things it can do, but the seamless operation of Apple products is due to the fact that no one else can integrate. Isn't this going backwards? I should have more flexibility, not less; I should have more choices, not fewer. As others have said, we pay Apple for 30% of whatever we spend; instead of a one-time sale, each iPad sold becomes a recurring revenue stream for Apple (Newsweek)… a Faustian bargain.


  4. Your quote. "And yes this is expensive and probably considered unnecessarily extravagant." I don't think so. I could replace my portable with a MacMini at the home office and an iPad (all my client interactions with are with web based applications anyway) and it would be cheaper than the MacBook Pro I have now. Even if I had a non-home office, which I don't, and needed two Mac Minis, it would be cheaper


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