Go Bruins

Working for a University occasionally offers unexpected benefits such as we at George Fox are enjoying now with our Woman’s Basketball Team about to play in the Final Four of the NCAA Division III Championship. I got to represent our University last weekend at the Sectional championships for our bracket held at Thomas More College. A primary responsibility for me was to make sure the player’s parents had a good experience but I also was representing IT in looking for ways to bring a glimpse of the experience back to our campus. DIII does not have TV coverage, does not have throngs of sports reporters following the team. In fact we did well to have about 30 fans at the game. When you are the only team from the west you always travel, and generally 3 time zones.

So I had a couple of students, one to broadcast the game on KFOX Internet Radio and one to shoot videos for the up close and personal video clips of the tournament. I also recruited a couple of first year alums that were on the team last year. To pull this off you just have to wing it. Make sure everyone gets where they need to be, empower your people to go after video stories, download, edit and then distribute. Hmmm, distribute, of course, have your webmasters build a “Road to the Final Four” website that has options for posting news, links, posts, forums, photos and videos. Trouble is you had no idea your team was going to win so you never get out of reaction mode.

So what to do? Create a Facebook Group that becomes your tournament central. Blast all of your E-Message outlets to get the word out. Then promote a number of group admins and start adding content. Crunch the video with iMovie, output a decent quality .mov video, compress it down to an mp4 so that you can actually upload it to Facebook on the over subscribed hotel Internet. And do this all on 3 hours of sleep per night. And have the time of your life watching your girls win a chance to win a National Championship.

Bruins Win – Finish Season 32-0

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Serious Backpacker, Grandfather, Volunteer, Advisor, Mentor and still Technologically Aware Greg retired as a technologist who served as a Chief Information Officer in Higher Education at Western Washington University, Missouri University of Science, Technology, George Fox University and the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Prior to the IT career in Academia, Greg was a Systems Consultant with Hewlett-Packard. Other early jobs included IT activity in the oil shale and coal mining industries along with owning a computer store in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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